The Last Day The Sun Shone

My novella, The Last Day The Sun Shone is available for Kindle on Amazon.


A Womans Curse

I am very taken with this piece written by Chantelle. I’m sure many mothers will recognise the feelings so well described. It got me thinking though….my mother died when I was a child and yet I have still managed to slip into this role even without having such a role model.

A fascination with the asylum

From the moment I first walked into such a hospital in 1978 I was fascinated. Little remains of that particular one now though I have my own collection of photographs of it a it’s various stages of disappear. I think it is very true¬† that there is a risidual energy in such places. I know people who are familiar with such places who say they would never contemplate living in any of the conversions. This is an excellent record and there are a good number of films and photographs viewable of these places in these places as they were in the past and how they have become.