John Cleese talks about creativity

As we move toward the day of resolutions everyone who writes is probably making plans to write more in 2014. I happened accross this helpful article with a nice little 10 minute video to watch.


Depression in the glare of the public eye

It is incredible how many people successfully manage to mask their inner demons from the rest of the world. Sometimes when an individual takes their own life those around them will say, ‘He was fine, everything was going well, he wasn’t even depressed.’ Whatever has been going on for that individual remains hidden giving the illusion that that suicide struck out of the blue. That’s pretty hard work for anybody but I wonder what it must be like if you are also well known to many through the media too. How much harder that must be. I have been thinking about this since I watched James Arthur perform on X factor last weekend. I personally have loved his songs since he first came to our notice last year. I found his performance stangely powerful and moving. I had no idea of the current publicity around him, resulting in his public apology. I was interested to know what the back story was so looked it up. TheĀ  way he has now become caught up in the web of the media is shocking. I even came accross an article slating him for using you’re instead of your! He is in a very vulnerable position. I really hope the tide will begin to turn for him.

Human Transgenerational Responses

I first came accross this years ago when someone had written about the grandchildren of concentration camp survivors. The effects of the granparent’s manifested themselves in the grandchildrens behaviours even when they were unaware of the grandparent’s history. Very interesting stuff and an area of expolration which could hopefully be one of the next big areas to recieve focus.