The 7.39

I was all set to watch this tonight until I read what Alison Graham had to say about it. Not that I always agree with everything she has to say about things. In fact I once disagreed with what she had to say so much that I wrote a letter to the Radio Times. In her article about The 7.39 I was drawn to her line, ‘….it’s nice to daydream and speculate about the lives of others.’ My story Recovered begins with a train journey and one of my characters expresses the same thought. Not surprising…. it’s how many of us think. I probably will watch it on iplayer as there is something attractive about such stories. Alison Graham mentions Brief Encounter but I also love Strangers on a Train, The Darjeeling Tea Company and also Source Code. There will be others too which don’t come to mind. I travel a lot on trains but have in reality rarely got stuck into a conversation with anyone. People who I have got talking to have always seemed ever so slightly crazy. It would be interesting to know of any relationships, romantic or otherwise that have started on a train.


I would be intererested to hear your thoughts and contributions.

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