Tips from writers on balancing the elements of life which includes the drive to write.

A collection of tips from a group of writers, sharing their secrets on how they balance their  writing  alongside the role of parent, child, student, and/or employee.


A showcase for independently published authors.

Take a look at this website for independently published authors which I have used myself. There are a variety of intersting reads to tempt you on this site.


I have been so caught in the headlights by this genius little series that I forgot to mention it.  Luckily it looks like the first 4 episodes are still availabe to watch on iplayer. Episode 1 has 7 days left. I have watched the first 4 episodes and was mesmorised by the subtle observation of character. The last time I felt this enthralled by a comedy was watching ‘The Ambassadors’.  Mackenzie Crook is a first class actor, writer and director in my world. My rating would be 10 out of 10!

How diet can influence the wellbeing of society

A fascinating article looking at how diet and nutrition can affect not only the metal health of individuals but the well being of whole communities.

In The Middle of the Night

In The Middle of the Night

Just an ordinary bloke
An honest guy
Few Opinions
That’s Just the way it is
What can you do?
Life is too short
When your time is up, it’s up
You like to have a laugh

Is that really true?
What is a normal guy?
How can you be honest when you say so little?
What if this is not just the way it is?
Where are the words to speak about your pain?
I don’t hear you laughing
When did you decide your time was up?

The mental Health of mothers

I wrote about the mental health of mothers a while back when I discovered an article that related to my own situation. A change of ‘lifestyle’ and ‘hormonal chaos’ can give rise to mental health difficulties both during and after preganancy. Old unresolved issues may jump on the band wagon too as well a feeling of guilt that can continue to be present for the rest of our parenting lives. That’s without beginning to consider the impact on our closest relationships…….