Simon Reeve Explores The Nile

He looked up and visibly cast his mind back, ‘At school I remember the only two things which made me feel slightly less miserable were doing anything physical and studying geography. It was actually one of the sports masters who took us for geography too. He was younger than most of the staff and was the only one who seemed to teach with any energy and enthusiasm. I can even remember what he taught us in our very first lesson. He taught us about the river Nile and how it served as a life support system to the existence of Egypt. It was a concept which really resonated with me. I think before that I had only seen water as something to drink or something recreational and not in terms how it has shaped or landscape and our history.’

Excerpt from Recovered:

Above is a small excerpt from my story, Recovered where one of the charecters talks about how his fascination with rivers first began. I love all documentaries by Simon Reeves and I am so pleased that his latest series is about rivers. The first episode is about the river Nile and is so worth watching. He has such a great respect for everyone he meets and tells us so much about so many aspects of the world.


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