The Recovery Photo Project

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Majority World Photography

A photo agency with a difference

Majority World works with talented photographers from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. They specialise in sourcing high quality images from these diverse continents, which provide unique insights into local cultures, environments and development issues. They also work with client organisations to commission assignments for our photographers, who have the advantage of being able to understand and access the language, lifestyle, and locality – because it is their own.

Why we should nuture children’s intuition.

A very interesting article about why we should nuture children’s intuition rather than squash it to give them the tools to keep themselves safe.


Jealous By Labrinth


Do you ever get a song in your life where the words speak what you are feeling. Jealous kind of speaks something that Ive been thinking for a couple months now.
Now jealous is a powerful word but , in this song Labrinth is saying Im Jealous of you being happy without me and your ability to have moved on when Im still here drowning without you.
I dont know exactly how I found it to be perfectly honest , Ive always loved Labrinth and his slow soothing voice makes a calm soothing alternative to the real life poppy , body based rubbish that is constantly on my radio. He speaks the truth of a break up ,that its not just anger and tears , its almost like a constant fight with yourself .
I love his words “Im Jealous of the rain” The way he chooses to treat rain…

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