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A tune a day keeps the doctor away

The first two Christmas songs I heard this year happen to be my two favourites.  Here’s one and the second will follow in a few days.

Remarkably (as it’s not at all prog rock), Greg Lake recorded this at the height of ELP’s fame, as far as I can recall.  He looks so young in the video, but he’d already made a mark in King Crimson before his prog’ supergroup took off.  Come to think of it, I should include some KC before too long. Perhaps Greg was a child prodigy.  Anyway, it’s a beautiful song with a serious message and amazing guitar, brass and strings.

As it’s been so cold here for the last few days – that is, cold for Tainan – I have been missing that long hot summer we left behind just a few weeks ago.  The next choice has been made.  Well, er… I think that’s…

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Convincing kids that Santa is real

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I saw an episode of the sitcom Butterlies recently. I loved it when it was on television but I see now that it was way ahead in time and complete genius. Maybe I was too young to realise the great observational skill of the writers. I also enjoy the fact it was made in Chetenham at the time I was living there. It is lovely to see Cheltenham just how it used to be.

Sharing empathy from the start

A lovely article about how to grow empathy when children are young. In a way it is so simple but how many times do a child’s feeling get met with something very different?

‘Stop making that silly noise.’

‘There is no need for that behaviour.’

‘I’ll count to three and if you havn’t stopped crying by then you can go in your bedroom and stay there until you’ve calmed down.’