NoEL & P; just L

A tune a day keeps the doctor away

The first two Christmas songs I heard this year happen to be my two favourites.  Here’s one and the second will follow in a few days.

Remarkably (as it’s not at all prog rock), Greg Lake recorded this at the height of ELP’s fame, as far as I can recall.  He looks so young in the video, but he’d already made a mark in King Crimson before his prog’ supergroup took off.  Come to think of it, I should include some KC before too long. Perhaps Greg was a child prodigy.  Anyway, it’s a beautiful song with a serious message and amazing guitar, brass and strings.

As it’s been so cold here for the last few days – that is, cold for Tainan – I have been missing that long hot summer we left behind just a few weeks ago.  The next choice has been made.  Well, er… I think that’s…

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