Our story: Emily’s story

I eat what I need - a blog about conscious eating

Learning to feed myself has been the most important lesson of my life thus far. 

For some, feeding themselves well is a simple, natural and effortless process.

They gently pick up on internal cues, reaching out for foods that sustain their bodies, being mindful of any feedback on what effects these foods have on the body.  Their weight usually stays within a comfortable range, and despite some periods of over-indulgence or perhaps under-eating, their body’s homeostasis kicks in to keep them in balance.  These people may well have other lessons to learn, but are blessed with a struggle-free existence when it comes to feeding themselves.

The first question you might ask is, why?  Why do some people feed themselves without effort, when others struggle hour by hour, mentally battling with themselves to just EAT or NOT EAT, as the case may be.  Disordered eating comes in a sad spectrum of…

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