Kalki Speaks

Ever changing stories written on clouds in the sky ,

Everything that could be, but can never be.

Thunder and tears of lightening rain down on heavens below.

I wander among everglades of stories of love,

in search of the ones I lost.

Moon light kiss the sky and the rain is silver tonight.

The world is too real and so I paint it the way I want.

Sit by the edge of the world,

watch ships sail and fade over silver seas.

Leave their anchors behind, never to return.

They are free, swim and fly. No goodbyes , no regrets.

Is fickle the heart that follows the wind?

The wind that rocks the boat, dries the sea.

I panic a little when this universe ceases to talk to me,

Was that silence from where, she listened to me?

As the pen strokes the page,the ink deforms my thoughts.


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