At Last My Love Has Come Along: Etta James

A fantasic love song.


Quote – David Adam (The Man Who Couldn’t Stop)

Prosperity And Calamities

“It is not the accuracy of recall that matters in OCD, but a loss of confidence that those memories are true. People who carry out compulsive checks seem to trust their memory less, and the more they check, the more this distrust grows. It is another vicious cycle: memory uncertainty provokes the need to check, and to check increases memory uncertainty.” – The Man Who Couldn’t Stop: OCD and the True Story of a Life Lost in Thought by David Adam

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The Man Who Couldn’t Stop: David Adam

This book was very informative but I personally found it left me in a negative frame of mind. That could just be me though and it does have some very  interesting talking points.

Hector and the search for Happiness.

I am very surprised that I can’t find one positive review of this film. I watched it the other night and loved it. What is the matter with me then I wonder. Or what is the matter with those who wrote the reviews. And could they not think that Simon Pegg is great in this too? The whole thing sure made me feel happy.