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Why the human touch is key to unlocking systems change


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Why the human touch is key to unlocking systems change, Joe Hsueh  (Jun 03, 2014)

In a high-school gym flooded with people evacuated from the devastating Katrina, there was a middle age man sitting alone at the corner. For days, he did not talk to anyone, refused to eat anything, just sat there by himself. As the days passed by, various people tried talking to him, telling him he must eat to survive and advised him he need to let go to move on. He said not a word to anyone. People got frustrated, felt powerless and did not know what to do. He was the sole survivor in his family; he lost his wife and two young children in the horrendous hurricane.

One afternoon, a priest came and learned about the situation. He walked towards the man and sat quietly by his side…

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