‘SISTER’ by Rosamund Luptom

I have just finished reading this book. Started on Friday night and finished on Sunday afternoon. Really enjoyed it. Extremely well written.




Living With It by Lizzie Enfield

After holidaying in France with a group of old university friends, Isobel and Eric discover that Ben and Maggie’s daughter, Iris, has been critically ill and is now permanently deaf. Isobel knows that her decision, taken years ago, not to have her own children vaccinated is to blame for Iris’s deafness. And Ben knows this too. To make matters worse, Isobel is the woman he fell in love with in his twenties – the woman who married his best friend. As he and Maggie start legal proceedings against his exlover and his best friend, Isobel’s world begins to unravel as friendships, relationships and loyalties are all tested to the limit.


I have to admit I almost gave up during the first chapter. There were too many characters introduced for me to get a handle on. I am glad I didn’t give up because later on I couldn’t put the book down.