I just watched this lovely little film with my daughter. An ‘easy to be with’ film.



Hector and the search for Happiness.

I am very surprised that I can’t find one positive review of this film. I watched it the other night and loved it. What is the matter with me then I wonder. Or what is the matter with those who wrote the reviews. And could they not think that Simon Pegg is great in this too? The whole thing sure made me feel happy.

Broken Flowers: Ambiguous Endings

The feed back I have had on my new story is that people don’t like ambiguous endings. I am responding to this by writing a further chapter. The joy of E-publishing…..your work can be live and organic. I really like ambiguous endings because I feel they mirror ‘real life’ more accuratley. If you are a fan of ambiguous endings try this film, Broken Flowers. If you’re not it will prbably drive you nuts.